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24 January
Air Freight Logistics and Its Benefits

Air freight logistics is the shipment of packages done through chartered air carrier. Nowadays, air freight is a popular choice among businesses as it ensures the passage for their goods overseas.

Furthermore, goods transported by air are taken to their final destination in less time. It allows smaller and medium-sized companies to participate in international trade.

How does Air Freight Work?

Generally, air freight is arranged by an experienced freight forwarding company. Freight forwarders contact companies to transport goods on behalf of their clients. Although some freight forwarders have warehouses, they are not necessarily to transport. Usually, they are the experts who can lead on arrangements and logistics, enabling a smooth process. This will give business people peace of mind that their goods will be delivered efficiently and adequately.

5 Benefits of Air Freight Logistics

There are so many advantages of transporting items by air. These benefits include:


Transporting goods by air freight is quick, especially when you use a direct service. The time taken in air freight is less than the sea freight. The goods will reach the intended destination within days by air freight, while sea freight can take several weeks.

More Shipping Options

Nowadays, airfreight courier transport logistics can offer more options to the importer with air freight, like consoles and direct routes.

Easily Traceable

Just like flights are tracked, shipments are also easily traceable; this can give businesses more peace of mind. The new and advanced technology makes it even more convenient to track the shipment.

Good Value on Smaller Deliveries

In air freight, the cost is based on weight, not volume, making it more cost-effective to send smaller deliveries by air freight than by sea.

Safe Shipment

Air freight is a safer way of shipping fragile items as damage is less likely to occur than sea freight. The goods are properly packed and secure from being damaged. Infact insurance claim can be availed on shipment in case of damage as we do so if any such incident happens.

Summing Up

To avoid the mistakes made in shipping processes, freight forwarders are seen as a necessary extension. To avoid extra cost and delayed delivery, airfreight courier transport logistics need to be chosen for quick transition of freight from one location to another.

The process of shipping packages is valuable to companies as they invest a lot of effort, time, and money. Promatrans is a logistics company that can help with all your needs and requirements.


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