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30 November
Benefits of Growing Your Business with Proma Transportation

Are you looking for a company that can offer you with logistics freight & delivery services in Southern California? Your Search ends at Proma transportation. Promatrans Inc. is the one-stop solution for LTL transportation services with a proven track record in the competitive industry. We are equipped with a team of freight brokers and customer-centric logistics who use cost-effective shipping methods to cater to your unique transportation needs. Our professionals develop the best logistic plan for your supply chain.

Our Service Features

We make sure to do everything we can to assist our customers in growing and succeeding. Our logistics freight & delivery services are tailored to your specific requirements and spearheaded by our dedicated team.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking & Technology
  • Truck Load
  • Less Than Truckload
  • Trailers, Bobtails & Vans
  • Cartage (Local Pickup & Delivery)
  • Line Haul
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Hot Shot Services

Why should you choose us for Logistics Freight Services?

When you hire our transportation services in Southern California, our professionals can handle your hazardous materials or fragile goods. We offer excellent warehousing and transportation solution to businesses to achieve their goal. Here are the top reasons on which you can count on us.

  • Speedy worldwide delivery

You must want to transfer your goods to customers immediately. Together through collaboration and reciprocity, we have successfully managed to provide logistics freight & delivery services to our many valued customers over the years.

  • End-to-end solution available

Whenever you ship goods internationally, your shipment needs to pass through customs. If expert do not back you, this process may prove costly and time-taking. Promatrans Inc. is aware of all the customs rules across the world. Besides, it also thrives on established relationships with customs brokers. We will work to keep our promise by providing end-to-end solutions of all types.

  • Safety & Compliance

We are dedicated to transporting your freight with the utmost care and speed. Our adherence to our customers is to offer the finest service at the most competitive rates.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the exemplary transportation service appears to be a sensible decision for your business. We are a reliable and expedited transportation company that uses a broad logistic network to transport your cargo with the shortest possible routes. We aim to deliver your logistics freight & delivery services on time without compromising safety.

logistics solutions services
28 October
Picking a Third-Party Logistics Service Provider

Companies can find it difficult to choose the right shipping companies in San Diego. After the coronavirus pandemic broke up many supply chains, the top priorities for all supply chains became business continuity planning, technology and automation, and supplier diversity. After all, your company’s reputation and success depend on how reliable your logistics provider is. For this reason, a third-party logistics provider is an important part of the supply chains of many brands. Use these ten important factors to find the right third-party logistics service provider, or 3PL, and you can avoid a logistics nightmare.

Picking a Third-Party Logistics Service Provider

Logistics Capabilities

This one is the most important because it sums up what a logistics companies in San Diego does: every third-party logistics service provider must be skilled in the specific service areas that meet the needs of the client company. Even if a service provider is a rock star in one area, that doesn’t mean they can take care of your business well.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Does the logistics provider put customer service, quick responses, good communication, and solving problems at the top of its list of priorities? Early on, it can be hard to figure out these things, but if you do your homework, you’ll be able to.

Almost every company says they have great customer service, but how can you tell? You should ask their clients. Ask for references, preferably from businesses that are in the same industry and have similar needs. Good customer service doesn’t happen by chance. If customer service is always good, it’s probably because of a well-documented, repeated process that will keep going for years to come.

Safety Record

Because safety rules are always changing, you must choose a carrier with a strong safety record. Here, anyone can look at a review of safety ratings and statistics.


Every business is different. Even though a 3PL might offer a full range of logistics and fulfillment services, your business might not need all of them right now or ever. The right 3PL knows how important it is to make a plan that fits your business’s needs and goals. Your 3PL partner will be there to help your business grow as you grow and as your needs change.

Company Stability

Whether your supply chain is complicated or simple, choose a logistics provider whose company as a whole is stable. Top suppliers are consistent suppliers. When companies change quickly, you can put quality at risk. How long has the business been in operation? Since 1958, our logistics services have helped our clients save time and money.


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